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Demi Oyebanji (A.K.A Emperor) is an independent recording artist and multi – instrumentalist, born June 1996, in Lagos, Nigeria. Although he grew up around the Creative Arts, with a mother who was a Drama Director and a Choir member, an independent gospel singer and a father who is a Playwright, Poet and Sound Engineer, Demi found his love for the stage and the crowds completely independently. This was first noticed when in nursery school and he was asked to perform “O Christmas Tree” and “Jolly old Saint Nicholas” as solos because a choir several grades above him had failed to learn the songs. Young Demi gave the performance and bowed to the crowd’s applause as his mother recalls – It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between him and performance.

Demi attends the Berkelee College of Music where he is Music Production. He loves music and dedicates time to learn new musical instruments having learnt 37 instruments and mastered 8, including: Piano (his first love), guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, bass, tuba and his main instrument vocals. Emperor would like to note here that he also plays a mean triangle. When not focused on school work, Emperor is busy with one musical act or the other, working with musicians and producers in London, Ontario; Toronto – also in Ontario Canada; Houston, Texas and Lagos, Nigeria.

His previous works, the singles “Badiya” and “Kryptonite” received accolades in Nigeria including newspaper interviews, TV shows and play time on radio and TV. His album “Checkpoint” is a cornucopia of different genres and delightful music. He has also released another single “Living Room Freestyle” showing off his musical talent in the genre or rap. This single is particularly relevant to the nature of the times we live in politically and socially.


Artist Statement


  • “I love music because the potential for emotional impact between my listeners & fans and I is as large and infinite as the emotional impact life has on me personally. Understanding my music also means understanding its patterns; life itself, much like art, must come in patterns. Much the same, music, writing, concepts, sounds and languages are as patterned as life is. Understanding this has helped me understand myself and my music clearly, so that even when some things seem random or sporadic, it’s possible to look back and reflect till I find cause/effect of whatever I’m thinking through.

    Music in its purest form to me is 10% brain, 60% practice and 30% heart. It’s the reason why someone who’s played a simple piece a million times will put on a better performance than one who has played a more difficult piece 10 times.I begin a piece by meditating inwardly on the message or subject of the piece and defining the result I would like to see in my listener’s reaction and reverse engineer the piece from there. A piece has turned out well to me when it is successful in a vertical integration. This means that each instrument, vocal track, lyric, production edits, mix, mastering, promotion, distribution, video etc. has been made with a pre-meditated goal or vibe in mind. The goal of the video team for instance, should never be far from the goal of the production team or promotion team.

    I know a piece is done when adding or editing becomes a matter of quantity (how much editing can I do?) over quality (how does it sound?). When people listen to my work, I want them to take the journey with me; I want them to get sucked into the story even when I’m not being descriptive. They key to successful music is to ensure that you convey your emotions in a way that not only allows an audience to acknowledge that emotion. But to also take part in it and join in.” Emperor




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